Help Area

CRS believe it is important that you receive the correct advice and assistance from properly authorised people, such as free advice from the organisations listed below. You should be aware that information or opinions that you may find online, such as website forums, may appear reliable but may not necessarily be legally correct or may be inappropriate for your particular circumstances.

The free advice organisations listed below will be better positioned to provide you with personal advice from trained staff. Some of these organisations are also usually recommended by regulators.

Free Advice Organisations

Money Advice Service

Government funded advice and signposting for debt advice. Call 0300 500 5000 or visit

Pay Plan

For debt advice throughout the UK, please call 0800 280 2816 or visit


For debt advice throughout the UK phone 0800 138 1111 or visit

Money Advice Scotland

If you live in Scotland, phone 0141 5720237 or visit to find contact details for debt advice in your local council area.

National Debtline

If you live in England, Wales or Scotland phone 0808 808 4000 or go to for debt advice and information.